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Here I am! One of my dreams come true!

Here I am!

One of my dreams come true!

My website, has finally been created.

I'm thrilled to let you know.

This is a great joy and satisfaction for me.

Thanks to my experience as a wedding planner, having organised more then 400 weddings in Verona and at Lake Garda I have strengthened my knowledge in the wedding world.

From the day the bridal couple contacts me for a wedding, I support every step towards the romantic event, taking care of every detail that will lead to the final memories.

My website will give you an insight into my personality and my way of organising weddings.

When I plan the Big Day for the future bridel couple, I want to understand their wishes and create them, finding the ideal solutions that will best suits their requests and budget, saving stress, time and effort.

You will find updates, news and particular advice on weddings I have organised and, if you wish, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Romantic Verona, enchanting Lake Garda and wonderful Valpolicella are the places where you could make your dream come true.

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