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I want to be positive for 2021.

I want to be positive for 2021 and give you my optimistic view! I am convinced that this year will be the right time to be even more creative.

The year 2020 was a difficult one and so I would like to propose new solutions and different wedding plans for the future bridal couples. Obviously, the weddings that I will organize for next summer will imply security measures and social distancing. I will find new and smaller locations that can host your weddings with fewer guests. All bridal couples can discover enchanting villas, venues wedding, rustic environments and amazing terraces with beautiful views. I can arrange wedding on a budget.

I can arrange weddings in large gardens where tables and chairs are positioned at a distance. The new wedding settings will be located in large green areas or near romantic woods. In Italy wedding venues will be comfortable, dreamy and safe. I will make sure the wedding will be full of emotions and happiness even if there will be fewer guests.

I can advise you and you can spend more time choosing the details: the setting can be even more decorated and elaborate on your style. What about the boho style? It will be the must for weddings 2021.

The wedding ceremony and the reception will probably change in their form/configuration, but certainly, the soul and joy of guests will not be missing.

Bride and groom' love and emotions of all the guests will be the most important aspect.

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