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Marriage with a civil ceremony.

I will help you with the documentation for the registry office of the municipality in the town you will choose for the celebration of the civil ceremony.

I will provide all the required documents and I assure of my support in taking care of the necessary bureaucracy.

In the case of foreign spouses, legal translators will assist the bridal couple during the official ceremony.

So, do not miss the opportunity to celebrate your civil wedding in an unforgettable country!

Let’s have a brief look at the procedure of the civil ceremony and how it takes place.

The official part of the marriage is dedicated to reading the laws of the Italian Civil Code regarding the obligations and rights of the spouses.

The marital consent follows. It is the fundamental moment of the civil ceremony when you can finally say "Yes, I do!", during the magical and emotional exchange of the vows.

The civil marriage ceremony ends with the signing of the civil marriage register.

The music and floral decoratios you dream of will make the civil ceremony even more moving.

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